How to Make a Halloween Shelf Liner Skull Wreath

DIY halloween shelf liner wreath

Here is an easy project to do for Halloween that uses a bag of skulls from Oriental Trading and several items from Dollar Tree.



  •  Wire Wreath frame from Dollar Tree
  • 6 packs black shelf liner from Dollar Tree
  • 120 zip ties (I got 2 packs of 60 from Dollar Tree)
  • Ribbon (I used burlap chevron Halloween ribbon from Dollar Tree)
  • Crow from Dollar Tree
  • 3 plastic Skulls (I got a bag of 12 skulls from Oriental Trading: IN-13746398)
  • OPTIONAL – cutting mat, rotary cutter and straight edge ruler)


  1. Cut the shelf liner into 6×6 inch squares.  You should have 120 squares from the 6 packs of liner.
  2. Taking one piece, fan it back and forth and pinch it in the center.
    shelf liner fan
  3. Using a zip tie, secure the fanned liner onto the wreath frame.shelf liner attach
  4. Each section will have 10 pieces on each of the middle 2 rows.
    shelf liner section
  5. Once you complete all the shelf liner squares, it will look like this…
    black shelf liner wreath
  6. Next, I drilled holes into the back of 3 of the plastic skulls from Oriental Trading and then pushed a pipe cleaner through it.
  7. You can now secure the skulls onto the wreath frame.
  8. Lastly, I made a bow out of the burlap Halloween chevron ribbon from Dollar Tree and added a crow on top (also from Dollar Tree).
  9. And that’s it ! Just hang it up and enjoy 🙂
DIY halloween shelf liner wreath

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