Kettlebell Kings Battle Rope Review

Disclosure: I was given the product featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

Battle Rope Review


Recently I was sent one of the 1.5 inch / 50 ft Battle Ropes from Kettlebell Kings and given access to their Living.Fit website. After watching the Battle Rope continuing education videos which I talked about in my post here, I checked out the Battle Rope + Kettlebell Weekly Workouts. These workouts are divided into 5 types: High Intensity Interval Training which breaks each move into 20 second intervals and really gets your heart rate up, an ab workout using both the battle rope and kettlebell, “Strong Thighs Saves Lives” which also uses the battle rope and kettlebell to work your leg muscles, rotational strength which works your core and EMOM (every minute on the minute).

I then headed to the Battle Rope Challenge Workouts section to watch more ways to use my Battle Rope. I was shocked at how many different ways the trainers had come up with to use them. In total, there are 13 videos that show you techniques of various moves.   I really enjoyed this section a lot.

Finally it was time to go anchor the battle rope.  The site gave several options but we decided to use our fence post and a large screw eye.

screw eye

Then we used a carabiner with a canvas strap (as suggested in their instructional video).  Using a strap around the rope instead of clamping the rope directly keeps it from fraying over time.  NOTE: the strap is a little longer than I would have ideally liked but I already owned it so we decided to use it and it works just fine.


I realized just how out of shape I am right now when I tried doing even the easiest of moves with the battle rope.  My boy friend did much better and got a great workout.  I am jealous that he got to do such fun things with it.

I am definitely excited to use the battle rope in my workout rotation to help build my cardio and muscle strength.  I may not be strong now, but in time I will be.  I promise to update this post once I get strong enough to do some of the moves on video !

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