Kettlebell Kings Living Fit Online Training Review


Now that my boy friend and I are working out every day, I have been looking into ways to mix up my workout routine.  I contacted Kettlebell Kings and they offered me free access to their online training at to do a review.  The site offers a whole library full of videos for working out with kettlebell and battle ropes.

They recommend going in the following order (so that’s what I did):

  • Getting Started
  • Kettlebells Level 1
  • Battle Ropes Level 1
  • 30 Day Beginner Program
  • Follow Along Full Length Workouts

The first 4 videos are great educational videos if you are new to kettlebells and battle ropes.  I learned so much from them.

The “Getting Started with Kettlebells” video series went into different lifts and terminology such as EMOM, AMRAP and Rack Position.  I wouldn’t suggest skipping this video.

The Kettlebell Level 1 video series teaches you 5 common mistakes people make with kettlebells.  Some are common sense but it was good to hear all of them before starting.  It also teaches you 15 benefits from using kettlebells.  And finally it includes a 25 min follow along workout.

The Battle Ropes Level 1 video series goes over 32 frequently asked questions such as how to anchor your rope, how to use your battle rope, etc.  It also goes over 35 benefits of using battle ropes and 3 of the biggest mistakes people make.  And finally it includes a couple 20 minute follow along workouts.

The objective of the 30-day Beginner Kettlebell Program is to pattern good technique, and to teach you how to safely and effectively increase your strength.


Now that you are aware of how to use the kettlebells and mistakes to avoid, its time to work out !  The Follow Along Workouts are especially great for someone like me who is new to using kettlebells. First they go over what the kettlebell workouts will include and then they go through the moves while you follow along.  They will give you tips on how to do the moves as you go through them. They also give you rest periods during the workout.  There are 66 different workouts so you will have plenty of variety to choose from.

I can now say I am totally hooked on kettlebells and plan to buy a few more of various weights so I can get the best workout possible for each move.

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