DIY Pool Noodle Lollipops for Your Yard


Here is a pretty easy holiday craft and everything you need can be purchased from Dollar Tree.

What you will need to buy (per lollipop)…

Step 1: hot glue 2 pool noodles together end to end to make one long noodle

Step 2: use white or red duct tape and wrap it around the noodles to create the swirl look


Step 3: roll the pool noodles while hot gluing as you go to hold the circle.  You can also use a bamboo skewer to add more stability for holding it in place. One tip I found is… don’t let the hot glue get too hot or it melts the noodle.  I constantly plugged in and unplugged the glue gun. Also hold it together for a pretty long time to make sure it totally set

Step 4: take a broom handle and twist it through the pool noodle circle for the lollipop stick

Step 5: put the basket plastic around it

Step 6: tie it with a bow (the bow I bought has a twist tie attached to it)

Step 7: use a blow dryer on hot to shrink the plastic  tight around the circle


  1. Wow those are honestly pretty i love the way the strips look and i would love to make them

  2. Clara Bartow says

    So Super Cute…thank you for sharing

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