5 Tips for Staying Safe when Visiting a New City


When traveling to a new city, it’s essential to stay alert and feel secure at all times. It’s easy to feel vulnerable when walking or taking the train alone, or exploring areas you’re visiting for the first time.

However, there are steps you can take to ensure your safety and security no matter where you travel, whether you’re on vacation in London or Mexico City.

This article will offer safety tips to remember for traveling to any new city. Whether you’re adventuring solo or with friends and family, consider these tips to feel safe.

1. Consider Additional Security

So, okay, this is probably more for high-profile travelers. However, If you are concerned about being alone in a city, especially if you’re carrying valuables, you can always consider hiring a private security company such as Security Guards London.

Security guards and bodyguards have the training to protect you from attackers. They can guide you to safety in crowds, help you find shelter, and do whatever it takes to keep you unharmed. In any big city, it’s vital that you feel safe wherever you are.

2. Remain Alert

If the security guard route is not for you, you can still be proactive in safeguarding yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings.

The key to avoiding uncomfortable situations is always to stay alert. The more aware you are of your surroundings, particularly in a city, the less likely you are to become a victim.

While traveling, keep your belongings close to you. Never let anything valuable leave your sight, or you could be putting items at risk.

Consider traveling by a reliable taxi service if you are transporting items. It might cost more, but it will allow you to keep your belongings close to you.

If you are walking somewhere, tuck valuables in zipped bags or pockets. When at home, make sure you keep money and valuables out of direct sight or hidden somewhere safe.

3. Be Prepared

A second way to feel more secure when on your own in a city is preparation. Think ahead before traveling or spending a night on your own to make life easier for yourself.

If you’re visiting a tourist spot or exploring the town, ask friends who live locally or the hotel consulate about the area.

When traveling, make sure you plan your route, know where your destination is, leave valuables behind if you can, and have a phone and money with you just in case.

The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to end up in a vulnerable situation.

4. Be Assertive

To be fully prepared, you need to be assertive at all times. Being assertive is particularly important when you’re walking or traveling on your own.

If you feel confident when you’re out and about, you’ll look it too. Walking or traveling with purpose and direction will make you look less vulnerable, and it’s less likely that strangers will target you.

When you are in control of yourself, you exude confidence and are more capable of avoiding tricky situations. You can always learn self-defense moves before the trip so that you can stand up for yourself in uncomfortable situations.

5. Trust Your Instinct

If you ever feel uncomfortable, follow your instincts. You don’t have to walk alone or go out in the dark if you don’t feel safe doing it.

Don’t follow the crowd in a potentially harmful situation, but do surround yourself with people you can trust. There is often safety in numbers, particularly when traveling in a city.

The Takeaway

Big cities can come with more risks, but you can take action to keep yourself free of harm. Follow these tips to stay safe no matter where your travels take you.


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