Can My Dog Eat Asparagus: Risks and Benefits to Note


One of the popular veggies among us is Asparagus. High nutrition quotient, inexpensive and easy to prepare and very delicious – asparagus is a great side dish to meals like steak, pasta – even with dips, salads, and various other foods.

If you like to have asparagus regularly, then it is normal for you to slip some of them to the mouth of your dog. However, before doing that, you should know how good it is.

You will come across a number of vegetables that are good and safe for dogs. But not all offer the same nutritional values. So, does that mean asparagus is unhealthy? Is it able to drive high nutrition to the canines or should we abstain ourselves from feeding it to our furry friend?

Asparagus has both good and bad properties when it comes to dogs. Although research have shown that asparagus is not toxic but can be dangerous to a certain extent. But everything depends on how you prepare your dish and how you serve it to your canine.

In this article, we will take a deep dive in the risks and benefits associated with it if we feed it to our dogs.

Associated Risks

Though this veggie comes with high nutritional value, it also accompanies a number of risks. So, you should think twice before you feed it to them. We have listed a number of risks below:

It can cause choking

Since this vegetable is not so soft, it can cause choking. The stalks of them are hard and not chewable for both humans and canines. As dogs gobble the whole thing together, a hard stalk might get stuck in their food pipe.

Some of the pieces are a few centimeters long. If you are going to feed it to your pup, then make sure to chop them into small pieces. And abstain yourself from feeding your dog from raw asparagus, it is even tougher than cooked one and not good for their digestive system.

It can upset their stomach

If you feed raw asparagus, then your dog is sure to get an upset stomach. Cooking makes it easier for the dog to process. So, it can affect the stomach badly, thereby causing diarrhea, gas and even nausea.

It is high on fiber content but too much fiber can also cause digestive problems. Also do not feed your furry friend too much asparagus at a time. The portion size you feed should be small.

At times, we cook the asparagus in oil or butter and put salt, pepper, garlic, or cheese. This might also make the veggie toxic for the canines. You can try on this home remedies to keep a check on the upset stomach in case of emergency:

Benefits Associated with Asparagus

There are several benefits associated with this vegetable for which even humans consider it to be a part of their daily diet:

  • It is not just tasty but highly nutritional. It is rich in vitamins like Vitamin C, K, A, E, B6, fiber, folic acid, potassium, phosphorus, thiamin, manganese, selenium, and thiamine.
  • It comes with anti-oxidants and helps to get rid of toxins and radicals from the bloodstream of your pet.
  • The essential vitamins are good for the dog’s immune system and helps to make the fur rich, sharpen their eyesight, and helps to maintain the health of the teeth and the bones.

The benefits are clear despite the risks associated. To know more about its effects on your dog, click here.

So, when you feed your furry friend with this veggie, make sure you are aware of the right process to prepare and feed.

How to Prepare Asparagus

Prepare the vegetable in a safe manner in case you have decided to share it with your dog. Here are the few general tips:

  • Cook your vegetables properly. Do not feed the raw veggie as it will be hard for your pup to swallow and digest.
  • Do not cook the veggie in butter or oil – rather steam or boil the same to make it softer and retain the nutritional value in it.
  • Chop the veggie into smaller pieces to make it easier for your canines to swallow and chew.
  • Do not add cheese, garlic, onions, or salt – those additives are not good for your pup’s digestive system.
  • Feed them with smaller portions as too much of veggie is not healthy for the stomach.

Please keep this article handy when you look for the necessary information while making asparagus for your canine.

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