How to Organize The Perfect BBQ for Your Family

Nothing screams summer quite like a backyard celebration with a succulent barbecue. People wait all year for the barbecue-style weather to come around so that they can fire up the grill. While simple gatherings with some hot dogs and burgers alone can be a great treat and not an invitation one would turn down, there are also many ways one can take their event to the next level. So, if you want to take things up a notch, here’s how you can organize the perfect barbecue that will wow your family.


Give Yourself Prep Time

Like all great parties, they start with some forward planning. Arranging everything ahead of time will not only give you time to create the atmosphere you want, but it will also help you find everything you need. If you have family coming to visit, you’ll want to give them enough time to make arrangements as well.

Have a Theme

A barbecue event to kick off the summer is already a great theme by itself, but if you truly want to impress your family members, it’s time to think outside the box. A themed party allows you to decorate differently and have a little fun getting creative with the kids. To get everyone involved, you can even consider costume parties. If you want to keep things simple, get a paddling pool, tell everyone to bring their bathing suits, and have a cocktail party.

Include Activities

No matter the ages of your family members, every party can benefit from a little structure. Arranging some activities for your guests will give them something to look forward to. Party games like charades, board games like Pictionary, Monopoly, and even poker are all fun ideas to include. Include games for the children as well to keep them happy and occupied. Active games like musical statues and duck duck goose are great to get them moving and tire them out.


Once you have picked a theme, you must decorate accordingly. Decorations set the tone of the party and are one of the first things people notice when they walk in. They will also get the kids excited for what’s to come. When it comes to designing the layout, decorations aren’t simply banners, napkins, and table ornaments, these also include the setup. A good event has a great setup that makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

The best setup for any party, particularly a barbecue party, is arranging different seating areas. You want a lounging area where people can sit and catch up while you’re grilling – this will also be where they can have a drink at the end and chit-chat. Then you want to make sure there’s a suitable place for everyone to sit down and eat their meal, so make sure there are enough chairs and space at the tables to include everyone. Lastly, section off the areas with different types of chairs and benches so that people have the freedom to do their own thing. Some bean bags scattered around will also give off the impression that this is a relaxing space.

Include Snacks

Party snacks are a must at any gathering, but especially at a barbecue party because the guests will arrive feeling peckish once they smell the smoky goodness coming from the grill. Having a buffet of finger foods set up gives everyone a chance to snack throughout the event. Chips and salsa, crackers, and a charcuterie board are all fine ideas. You can also include pigs in a blanket, tea sandwiches, chicken fingers, onion rings, breadsticks, and mini quiches.

Prepare the Barbeque tools

When hosting a big family barbecue, make sure you have all the right tools to grill to perfection. Ensure that your grill is clean and you’ve got plenty of charcoal. Remember to put safety first when grilling and avoiding flare-ups. So you want to place your meats and chicken in quarters and have a spray bottle and fire extinguisher on hand just in case.

Prep the Food Early

Prep the food before your guests arrive. Marinate the meat, prepare the salad, and any other dishes you plan to serve. That way, you can start grilling as soon as the guests arrive, so they can walk in and be lured by that smoky aroma. Note that you should cook the food away from the center of the party so that the air doesn’t get too stuffy.

It’s important to serve the most delicious food at a barbecue because that’s really what it’s all about. Luckily, there are ways to ensure your meats are grilled to perfection by choosing a smoker. It is recommended to check reviews to find the best Charcoal Smokers that will heighten your grill game and have the traditional smoky flavor that your family craves. Just make sure you give yourself time to find a high-quality, affordable device that suits your needs. While all the different types ensure great results, the charcoal smoker offers the most authentic barbeque taste.

Create a Playlist

Every gathering needs a soundtrack, and with a great playlist, you can set the tone of your party. To ensure people are in a good mood, have music playing when they arrive. You can even customize the playlist to ensure it has different genres playing at different times. Lively music during the kids’ activities and something jazzy for the end of the night drinks.

Set Up a Bar

Having refreshments available will quench your family’s thirst during the hot weather. Setting up a bar with both alcoholic beverages and kid-friendly drinks gives everyone a chance to serve themselves. They won’t feel the need to depend on the host, and everyone can comfortably get their own drinks and mingle.

Have a Kids Corner

Sectioning off a kid’s corner is going to be useful, especially when some of the adults will want to have a quiet drink and conversation. To ensure the kids don’t become bored, set up an area where they can play, run around, and enjoy their own activities. This helps to control the noise and ensures everyone at the party has their own space.


There are many ways to elevate a barbecue gathering from having a side dish swap where each guest brings a side dish, giving everyone a chance to bring food that they like or having a make-your-own burger stand. Just make sure that you have the best tools, are using the right fuel, and that you cook at the right time to ensure you’re serving quality food. After all, what people will remember most about a party is the food.

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