Tips for Dressing Up Your Kids for Halloween

Halloween is the most fun holiday for everyone because you not only dress up as whoever you want, but you also have an excuse to eat lots of candy! However, if you have kids, you always worry about what costumes to make for them. Whether they are toddlers or tweens, you always need to think way ahead of time on how to dress them up on Halloween. Here are a few tips that can help you dress up your kids for Halloween:


Involve The Kids

The best thing to do is involve your kids in the whole process from choosing the character to creating the costume. With so many choices out there, it can be very difficult to decide on a costume. So, brainstorm and make idea boards with them to get to the best possible costume. Yes, you know what your kid likes, but you might be surprised! You can take turns telling stories about notable people in history to make these into teachable moments, and help your kids discover their heroes.

Use Formal Clothes

You can create an amazing costume with nothing but formal clothes and a little make-up. A few cuts here and there and some fake blood, and you have created a zombie or Dracula. You can find old wedding gowns as well if your kid wants to be the zombie bride! The great thing about formal clothes is that you can usually find them in better quality than most other options. It will be fancy, scary and it will keep your kid warm!

Be Creative

Sometimes simple things can make the most creative costumes. Imagine red yarn hair and exaggerated makeup for a rag doll; a skirt, glasses, and an old sweater, the strict librarian, these are some great Halloween costumes for girls, that you don’t even need to go to a thrift store for. You can involve friends and family for group costumes like scooby doo gang, or The Wizard of Oz characters!

Go Industrial

No time? You can make a hazmat suit. Use an orange jumpsuit and some eye protection gear and there you go! You can also use a plain red jumpsuit and just about any face mask. If your kid likes Despicable Me, you can use work overalls with a yellow shirt to make a minion costume!

Ensure Their Safety

Whatever costume you choose, ensure that they have enough visibility even with the mask on. Provide them with flashlights or glow sticks, or make them a part of their costume. Ensure they stay in groups as they go trick-or-treating.


Halloween seems to be everyone’s favorite time of the year. The best thing about Halloween is that you can be anything you want (literally!). Do you want to be a bag of chips? you can be a bag of chips! This is a great time to teach kids the same thing that they can choose to be anything they want. So, use the tips given above to dress your kids up on Halloween and have a spooky Halloween!

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