Heat Holders Products Will Keep You Warm


Winter is now upon us and it’s time to break out the warmer clothes. One company I really love is heatholders.com. Their products seriously help you stay warmed in these cold months.


My favorite product is their sock line. I have around 10 different pairs ranging from their Ultra Lite to their Original which is their warmest socks (pictured above).


I actually wear their Lite socks year round at work since I work on a really cold hospital unit.  They definitely work wonders !


I also have a couple of their oversized blankets (photo is from when I got one a couple years ago).  They have come in handy since the heat in my house hasn’t worked in about 4 years. I just have to use a small space heater and a HeatHolder Blanket and I stay toasty warm all night long.


This year I was sent one of their hats and it is going to be fantastic for those months that get really cold. The quality is so nice and I can already tell it’s going to keep my head so warm.

I tell people all the time about how wonderful their products are and am so glad I was sent a couple more products this year to try.  I highly recommend this company !!!

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