Easy to Install and Durable Custom Outdoor Decals

Businesses face tight competition today, and it is no surprise that many of them are making more efforts towards their marketing endeavors and advertisements. The owners may prefer to install decals outside of their stores that are made from aluminum-based foils. These are the ones that will generally last for years, and they have better visibility from afar.

When you add vibrant colors to foil to represent your brand better, you will have an effective sticker that you can display on your shop, office, school, or car. These outdoor wall graphics and stickers are used to customize storefronts and windows. You have an option to choose the materials that you want to install in some manufacturers. However, the best ones are made up of a base with aluminum foils that are PVC-free and recyclable.

With the right sticker printing company, you can expect a high-quality and superior adhesiveness of the stickers that will ensure a longer lifespan compared to other options like vinyl. The best custom outdoor decals may conform better to any uneven or rough surface. This is ideal if you are going to stick it on brick walls or asphalt.

Get the weather-resistant ones since they are the ones that are not easily affected by abrasions. They are visible all day and night and give your store a more vibrant color. What is great is that some of these stickers do not require any unique installation, and you will be able to do your designs according to the colors and designs of your logo and brand. You just peel and place them out on the exterior walls, and you are done.

Outdoor Decal and Compatible Surfaces

You can use them on any outdoor surface regardless of whether it is even or uneven. They are very helpful in driving foot traffic to your business and making customers recognize you when they pass by in your area. Specifically, then can be applied on the following surfaces:

• Asphalt
• Stucco
• Concrete
• Brick
• Cinderblock
• Tile
• Metal
• Terrazzo

Some manufacturers will advise you not to put the stickers on sealed or painted surfaces. These are known to cause issues during the removal process, and you might need an expert’s help to restore the walls afterward.

Vinyl Alternatives

Some will prefer the vinyl alternatives over the aluminumselections. Read more about the application of vinyl stickers on this site here. However, aluminum has several advantages that will make them more durable and easier to install.

They have the features and capacity to conform to rough and uneven surfaces. Another benefit is that they are cleaner and easier to remove. The surface offers a more vibrant printed design that looks like it has been painted, and you can choose the size that will cater to your needs.

Removal and Installation

Most of the time, installing the decals requires pressure washing and extensive cleaning. The glass should be prepped thoroughly before the application of the sticker. Since some of these decals are based on foil, the overall installation of the custom graphics is way easier. You can simply spray the surfaces and ensure that they do not have dirt, dust, or grime.

Afterward, apply the sticker to the desired location, and it will stick. There is no need to use a sealer or heat gun. When it istime to change the graphics and the design, simply peel off the stickers, and they will come off really clean. Some do not even leave marks and residues, and they come off in one piece.

What are the Features to Look For?


Choose materials like foil or vinyl that can last up to five years. Most of them will be able to handle any weather conditions in your area, and they will last longer if you give them proper care and maintenance.


Some of them are compatible with glass and other smooth surfaces and require easier installation. However, if you need to stick them on areas with a lot of foot traffic or uneven wall surfaces, these decals should be versatile enough to last. The right ones will help your businesses get introduced to customers.

Superior Prints

Choose those with vibrant colors as the decals will represent your company image. They may come in crisp reproduction of text, logo, and graphics. The right ones will even look like they were painted on your walls.

Other Specifications

Some are digitally printed with ultraviolet ink and have a base made of foil. Get more info about this type of ink in this link: http://printwiki.org/Ultraviolet_Curing_Ink. They can be removed and easily installed on various surfaces. You can use them for subway platforms, directional signage, wall branding, parking garages, curbs, ads, warehouse settings, and many more. The lifespan is generally five years or more depending on weather conditions in your area, care, and maintenance.


You would not need to worry about whether the surface is smooth or rough. These outdoor graphics and decals will definitely stick on uneven surfaces. You can customize their sizes, and the largest may be up to 50” or more. The manufacturers will give you advice about the recommended font size that will be visible even from a distance of four feet.

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