Exciting Ways To Explore Greek Islands During Your Next Summer Adventure

The Greek islands are without a doubt the most visited destinations in Greece. The country is immensely diversified, with its lovely beaches, breathtaking scenery, huge mountains, and cloud forests. Every year, hundreds of tourists go to the Greek isles, which are located around the bright blue Mediterranean Sea. Aside from the stunning environment, what draws foreign visitors the most is the country’s rich ancient history and delectable cuisine.

Visiting the Greek islands will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience. However, there are multiple things to do on the Greek islands, and picking where to go and what to do might be daunting, especially if you do it during your vacation. It is therefore recommended that you plan your trip to the Greek Islands ahead of time. Here’s a quick and easy guide to vacationing in the Greek Islands to get you started.

Top Destinations 

There are eight distinct groups of islands scattered along the mediterranean sea with over 6000 islands, 227 of which are inhabited. While most people tend to visit popular islands, you shouldn’t be discouraged to explore the others. These are the top destinations to travel to when you visit the Greek islands.

  • Crete 

The largest out of the Greek Islands. Crete is a universe on its own with amazing landscapes, local history, and delicious food. If you truly want to experience local life, this place is perfect for you. You can spend your days wining and dining around the island, exploring the mountains and marketplaces, and visiting the spectacular beaches of Falassarna and Elafonissi. A general 7-day itinerary for the Crete Islands could include:

  • Exploration of the beaches of Chania.
  • A guided tour of old town Chania (explore hidden neighborhoods, Cretin taverns, the municipal market, and ruins of Kydonia)
  • Experiencing local food production and preparation and a cooking class at Vamos village.
  • Hiking along ancient pathways that link to old stone villages.
  • Visiting the Gardens of Crete and the Botanical Park.
  • Enjoy your evening in a cultural venue and open-air bar in the former sixteenth-century Monastery of Karolos.
  • Visiting historical landmarks and buildings such as neoclassical mansions, tanneries, and factories of Chania’s waterfront Halepa and Tabakaria districts.
  • Cyclades Islands 

The Cyclades islands are the most visited out of all the Greek islands, they are connected to Athens and provide all kinds of activities and adventures for tourists. Santorini is the perfect spot to relax, take pictures and enjoy the quaint atmosphere in peace. Here, you can cruise around in an Aquila Charter Yacht and enjoy a trip with no hassle. Naxos has lush green mountains and beautiful hillsides where you can enjoy hiking or mountain-climbing activities. A 7-day itinerary for Athens combined with Cyclades islands can look something like this:

  • Explore attractions in Athens, these can include the amazing national museum, the incredible Parthenon, as well as the Monastiraki flea market.
  • Get whisked away on the amazing waters all the way to Mykonos on a ferry, enjoy a sunny day at a glorious beach, or explore the nearby archeological site at Delos.
  • Take a charming tour to the nearby village Ano Mera, which includes a beautiful monastery, a quaint farm, and a market that you can enjoy in the open. Spend your evening in Paradise Beach.
  • Explore Santorini, go on a hike, or walk through the roads of Fira.
  • Enjoy the island in a different way by taking a cruise by Catamaran. They generally allow you to explore the beaches where you can swim and soak up the sun, and even try to snorkel.
  • Take a vineyard tour to Santorini’s volcanic wine. Enjoy your evening at the Caldera rim in Oia.
  • Dodecanese Islands 

Right next to the Turkish riviera, the Dodecanese islands are the sunniest Greek islands that provide a whole land of opportunities for adventure and sightseeing. You can sail from one island to the next in the Aegean sea and stop to explore, dine, hike, and swim around the deserted islands, beautiful beaches, and seaside taverns. The history of these islands can also be explored by visiting ancient landmarks and buildings for sightseeing. The 7-day itinerary for Dodecanese Islands can be as follows:

  • Enjoy wandering through the winding streets of Kos and exploring the Neratzia Castle.
  • Take a swim when you stop at the island of Gyali and take a hike through the volcanic craters of Nisyros.
  • Stop at Tilos, also known as the green island because it majorly runs on solar energy. Explore multiple beaches and some local villages for a fun experience.
  • Explore the colorful buildings of Halki island and enjoy dinner by the sea.
  • Take a cooking class at Symi, where you can recreate the Greek classics.
  • Enjoy sightseeing the famous Colossus of Rhodes and take some dips in the surrounding sea.

The Greek isles are popular for their breathtaking sceneries, lush green mountains, quaint island villages, refreshing beaches, and delicious cuisine. When taking a trip to Greece, you should at least visit one of the above-mentioned destinations.

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