Ponyflo Hats are the Perfect Gift for Women

Anyone with a full head of hair knows the struggle of wearing a hat and trying to fit all of their luscious locks into the tiniest opening in the back.  Pulling your ponytail through the opening in the back of baseball hats is uncomfortable because the opening is small and set too low.  However, Ponyflo includes a higher and larger open section in the back of their baseball cap, which makes a better placement for ponytails and hair to fit through naturally.

Ponyflo hats are lightweight and breathable, using a minimalist material which allows for better air circulation.

They offer a wide selection of styles, colors, and patterns which will make picking out just one hat difficult…

1. Ponyflo classic hats are great for everyday wear like running errands, taking a walk, or just spending the day relaxing.

2. If you are looking for more athletic and higher impact hats, the performance and active style hats will be a perfect fit for you. They come in many different chic colors and provide hair support, sweat protection, and overheating prevention for all hair types.

3. Ponyflo also makes bucket hats and beanies for outdoor use that are perfect for colder days. Beanies and bucket hats make any outfit that stylish.

Another great perk of the Ponyflo products is their affordable prices. Every hat is listed between $21.99 and $32.99.

To learn more about Ponyflo and to browse through their styles and hat options GO HERE 

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