Boost Sales with Retail Shelf Talkers

Over the past few decades, there has been a dramatic change in the way retail stores operate. They used to be dedicated to selling only one particular kind of product and now numerous kinds of products can be sold. For instance, it is now possible to purchase both groceries and clothing from one store.

However, as the modern retail store continues to expand in size and commodities, difficulties with respect to management begins to arise. For this reason, new ideas such as the use of aisle signs, banners, salespersons and shelf talkers are adopted to ease the management process for the retailer as well as making the shopping experience less confusing for customers.

As much as there are numerous ideas that could be implemented for better management and sales boost, the benefit of using retail shelf talkers really stand out. In this article, you will be learning about what they are and how you can leverage them to boost sales for your store.

What are Retail Shelf Talkers?

They are basically signs made out of paper; they are used by both wholesalers and retailers to display the information about certain products on shelves. Not only do they display information about products, they also attract the attention of customers to certain products because of how colorful they look.

As the market continues to grow and expand so does the competition. This means that for one product in the market there are several brands competing. It is also required that the retail store owner makes provision for all the brands of each product available to meet the demand of the customers.

Because a retailer has to make provisions for different brands of various products the total amount of commodities in the store usually comes to a lot. This makes it difficult for the owner to keep track of them, their prices and running offers.

Here is an example to help you understand better. In the deodorant section of a supermarket, you will find different brands of one product placed on the shelves with their details and offers attached so a customer can pick and read them. You can watch this video to get a visual understanding of what this looks like.

However, if there are running offers like a ‘’buy two get one free’’ on few of the brands, it can get inconvenient to have the staff or salesperson announce to each customer the offer on each product. The question becomes how do you communicate important information about certain brands or product to customers effectively?

During such situations, you can adopt the use of shelf talkers. Since you can print the necessary information,you intend to share about the product, you can paste it on the shelf or in front of the stack of products.

Over the years, the use of this method to display product information has gained in popularity and has been adopted by both small and big scale retailers. Companies are also not left out; they use this method to boost their sales.

According to some studies carried out, it is revealed that very few customers are loyal to brands and have more tendencies to buy products with discount offers on them. By using this method, businesses get to promote their products, discount offers, and also boost their sales using the retailers as the middleman.

How Shelf Talkers help you Boost Sales

Here are a few ways this method helps businesses boost sales:

It gives more visibility to new products

One of the easiest ways to advertise new products in any retail store is by displaying them on shelves. Because of how colorful and eye-catching shelf talkers are, you can appeal to your customer, present new products without overwhelming them.

It also creates a convenient way for buyers to see single items as each product displayed stands out. You can check here for some creative ways to make your shelf talker stand out.

It encourages impulse buying

As a store owner, having customers with tendencies to buy things on impulse is good for business. By using retail shelf talkers to display your products, you can encourage impulse buying amongst your customers leading to a massive boost in sales.

An example to take note of is the wall mounted racks placed close to the cashier’s desk; it helps to entice the customers waiting in line to pay for the items purchased. These racks are a form of shelf display that can be used to entice customers into buying little items they wouldusually ignore while shopping.


Both companies and retailers are constantly looking for more efficient ways to advertise their products and influence their customer’s purchase decisions. Luckily, the existence of shelf talkers has given them an effective and cheaper way to drive traffic to their shelves.

Not only does it allow the retailer or company influence their customer’s purchase decisions, but it also makes the shopping experience more convenient and effective for the customers. Above all, it creates a chance to provide value in form of additional information on products to the customer.

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