How To Be Financially Prudent with your Hair Health

​Even the best and cheapest deals in the hair care industry can end up costing hundreds of dollars for simple stuff like styling, coloring, and washing. If you don’t want to go to a basic haircutting or styling salon, you may feel like you’re completely out of options. Designer shampoos, conditioners, and hair products aren’t much better, sometimes costing double-digit numbers for simple stuff you would only use in the shower.

​The truth is that a lot of hair care doesn’t have to be this intense, or if it does that there are cheaper options that can work with all sorts of hair types. Financial care is especially important nowadays, and you should never be ashamed if you can get the same results for a much, much lower cost. The biggest judgment calls can be blown through using nothing but raw experience, but we don’t all have that, so here are some tips for maximizing care for the minimum cost.

For Coloring, Bleach with a Professional

​Bleaching your hair can be a scary thing. For the most part, hairstylists recommend an appointment for bleaching and then moving on directly (or soon after) to the coloring. Dying hair is an expensive luxury, but the skill of bleaching takes a lot less time even though it is much of the process. A personal trick for minimizing cost is to have the professional bleach your hair and then color it yourself or with someone else.

​Coloring is, for the most part, a two-person job although I’ve heard of people doing it on their own. For beginners though, consider the prospect of having someone apply the dye to your hair. Most hair dyes come with instructions, or at the very least, the ability to google how to do it, so don’t worry about messing it up. It’s actually very difficult to mess up dying unless you want a specific pattern, but if that’s what you want moving your head from side to side will probably kill that dream very quickly.

​Professional hair stylists should be okay with performing only one part of a multi-part procedure. As long as you are satisfied with their work, it can only benefit them. After all, if you end up wasting a 10-dollar bottle of dye (you won’t), chances are you will go back to them!

Explore Different Products

​For many people going to even the nicest salon is a stressful prospect, especially in times when public health is a major concern for everyone. But, if you want the best deals chances are you’re not going to be able to wait for amazon shipping. If the two days destroy you on the inside, consider going to a local store and asking for advice. Though workers at these salons are often half salesman, getting another perspective is never a bad thing.

​Many times, the best and cheapest shampoo will be at a local place. Then, once you’ve identified what a great thing it is, you can order it for cheap online. Even specialty products like hair regrowth formulas, found here:, have price variations based on where exactly you found it. Don’t be afraid to shop around, even in the age of amazon the best products aren’t universally available from a single place.

Some Designer Brands are Worth the Price

​Though the prices can be egregious, you need to look at the bigger picture of value. A properly kept head of hair can be exceptionally cheap and require fewer visits to specialty stores, salons, and doctors. Keeping good care of hair can prevent a large number of doctor’s visits for hair loss since this is a serious problem that affects more than just men. Bald women in modern society are more visible, but still sadly pitied for their condition.

​Losing hair is a natural process, though societally it is probably worth trying to avoid it. This is sad because the beauty of hair shouldn’t be used for gatekeeping general beauty, but sadly you don’t get the world you want to get the world you have. To prevent hair loss, it’s probably worth the price tag, and designer and luxury hair care products are, generally, of higher quality.

​There isn’t a huge amount of urgency when it comes to hair, though. You have your hair and if you’re not actively losing it chances are you have time to shop around. Be smart with your money, definitely, no one else will be! If you want more information on designer brands, click here, or consult with a stylist on the best and highest value brands for you.

Nutrition is Key

Hair loss, hair care, and hair acceptance are touchy topics for a lot of women. But, what can be even touchier is proper health habits. Surprising or not, nutrition has a huge effect on hair care and quality. If your hair lacks certain essential compounds, building it a bit off maybe the only choice your head has. So, make sure to stock up on nutrients that assist with hair growth. These can range from fish oil supplements to multivitamins to just a proper and varied diet (though that gets harder every day in modern America).

​If you’re struggling mightily with nutrition, chances are your hair will suffer also which can give off a seriously unhealthy first impression in terms of work and social lives. But, luckily because modern medicine and nutrition are so well understood you can seek help from a dietician or similar specialist who will help you find weaknesses in your diet. Many vitamins are extremely cheap, almost too cheap, and stocking up on them can be a matter of just 20 dollars or less.

​You may find that taking care of your nutritional needs will cross over into other areas of your life. Paying attention to cost and quality is a pain, but just like a nutrient deficiency if done improperly the price can be a severe decrease in health. Don’t let your wallet fall prey to expensive, terrible products. Learn from your mistakes and you will go far!

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