The Smurfs: Season 1 Volume 1 DVD Giveaway

The blue crew returns to Smurf village in a brand-new series on Nickelodeon,  Join these beloved blue characters as they go on ALL-NEW adventures that will push the charm, absurdity, and humor of the original series to even greater heights. Get ready to adventure with Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Gargamel, and more in nine fun-filled episodes.

Episodes include:

  • Smurf-Fu / Diaper Daddy
  • Who nose? / Clumsy not Clumsy
  • Unsmurfable Smile / Mind the cat
  • Where’s Papa Smurf? / Who’s Heftier?
  • Smurfs in disguise / Joke’s on you
  • The Scariest Smurf / DRIIINNGGGGG!
  • My Smurf the Hero / Alien Smurf
  • Smurf your seat belts! / Leaf it alone
  • Bringing up Smurfy / The Makeover

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The Smurfs: Season 1, Volume 1 will be available on DVD on June 14, 2022, for the suggested retail price of $10.99.


Now onto the giveaway….

One reader is going to win a copy of The Smurfs: Season 1 Volume 1 DVD.

To enter, leave a comment stating which character is your favorite.

I will give you additional entries for each of the following:

I will end this giveaway on 6/20 at 5 pm EST

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    Smurfette is my favorite.

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  6. Don’t know the characters but know my little niece would love this

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    My favorite is Papa Smurf.

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  20. I liked Smurfette when I was younger.

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