Heat Holders are a Must-Have for Winter

Now that it’s starting to get cold again, it’s time to break out my Heat Holder products. I have a few of their blankets, a hat, gloves and a bunch of their socks.  I love every single thing I own of theirs!

Last year I was sent one of their hats and it kept me soooo warm.  I leave work at 6:30 am and it is so cold out and this was perfect for keeping my head warm until the heater warmed up my car.  The quality is super nice too. I am looking forward to wearing it again this winter.

I love how they have several different thicknesses of their socks so you can match the coldness you will be experiencing.  I wear the thinner ones at work because the hospital is super cold and then I wear the thickest ones when I am going out in the freezing cold.

I tell people all the time about how wonderful Heat Holder products are and I highly recommend this company !!!

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