Top Tips for Going on a Family Vacation without Blowing your Budget

Going on vacation can be expensive, especially when you’ve got a big family! With the cost of living on the increase all around the world, lots of people have been left believing that they can’t afford a trip away any time soon. However, if you’re willing to do some forward planning and make a few small compromises, it’s perfectly possible to travel as a family on a budget. Keep reading for some top tips.

Choose an affordable destination

The place that you choose to travel to has a huge impact on how much you end up spending on vacation. This is firstly in terms of the cost of getting there – which will depend on where you live – but also with regard to how expensive the location itself is. Do a little research on how much key items such as food, drink, subway tickets, and so on are before you choose a destination. Going someplace cheap will enable you to do more once you’re there.

Travel in the offseason

Regardless of where you decide to go, the time of year you travel significantly affects the cost of a vacation. Almost every location will have peak and off-peak seasons, so with some clever timing you can save on flights and accommodation. Just bear in mind that some places have terrible weather or completely shut down during the offseason. This can ruin a trip, so research is key!

Of course, traveling in the offseason can be tricky when you have children. As an alternative, you could try booking your tripfar in advance or at the last minute to get a good deal on travel during the school vacation period.

Research free and cheap activities

Even expensive areas are bound to have a long list of activities that are either free or cheap. For instance, many parks and hiking spots worldwide are free to enter, while lots of museums and galleries in European cities don’t charge an entrance fee. There are also plenty of attractions that allow kids in for a discounted price wherever you go, so it’s always worth checking!

Pick your accommodation wisely

Accommodation tends to be one of the largest expenses on vacation, giving you a chance to make large savings if you find a bargain. Camping is one very cheap option for families, but if you want a little more comfort, you could look into renting an apartment on Airbnb. This also gives you more space than a hotel room. Alternatively, you could invest in a holiday home through and stay there year after year – plus rent it out to other vacationers the rest of the time – to make savings in the long run!

Plan your meals

Another way to avoid blowing your budget on vacation is to opt for cheaper meals. Family restaurants are actually great for this, as are food trucks and other street food options (depending on how picky your kids are!). One key point to remember is to avoid the restaurants that are aimed at tourists, as these are likely to charge more than those that cater to locals.

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