What Is Airport Transfer & How Best To Use It In St. Lucia

St. Lucia is home to two airports that service the island. The George F. L. Charles Airport, formerly Vigie, assists regional travelers, while the Hewanorra Airport is forinternational guests with a southern location. The island overall is a relatively small expanse with the capacity to arrive at any destination reasonably quickly. Learn about getting around St. Lucia at https://www.tripsavvy.com/getting-around-st-lucia-4844167/.

Many of the popular resorts and favored hotels are within close proximity to both of the airports allowing an effortless airport transfer. How you choose to transfer is a source of debate. Some people prefer to use taxi services. However, the taxis on the island are not metered, meaning the cost could be quite extensive regardless of how brief the ride is. That will be based on the driver and how the services are charged. It’s wise to plan this part of the trip carefully and do due diligence in researching the best, safest, and most reliable way to transfer. The recommendation, as it would be when traveling to any destination, is to book well ahead of your departure date for optimum cost savings and stress prevention. Let’s learn about airport transfer and how this is not quite the same as utilizing a taxi service.

What Is Airport Transfer & How Best To Use It In St Lucia

The term is relatively self-explanatory when you hear airport transfer service. The service transitions you from the airport to a final destination.

Regardless of the amount of baggage accompanying you, the attendant will assist with these, and the driver will take you to any location you wish to go, including the resort or hotel where you’ll be staying.

When you arrive, someone will greet you with a sign referencing your name in the lobby and accompany you through each airport process until they navigate the path to the transferring auto to lead you away from the airport.

The transfer service intends to make travel comfortable and safe for the guests. The driver will handle the baggage, loading and unloading the auto.

When it’s time to depart, the driver will arrive promptly for pickup and wait beside the vehicle to load the luggage. The company provides the guests with detailed information on the auto transfer, including the vehicle plate number and the driver’s details, the day before the booked date.

Why Should Passengers Use St Lucia Airport Transfer Services

St Lucia offers many modes of transportation that will get you from the airport and back to it as you need, including buses, taxis, and trains. Still, these would entail lugging along cumbersomebaggage from one location to the next as you go.

In addition, you can miss the opportunity for a scheduled ride when inquiring with an airport representative due to language barriers leading to miscommunication.

That isn’t a possibility when utilizingairport transfer services. These companies are in the business of ensuring their guests reach their destination safely and without disruption or errors. These services are of great benefit to those who need special assistance due to a physical disability or for pregnant travelers.

How Should A Traveler Book Airport Transfer Services

When planning for an excursion outside of your home country, the suggestion is always to book well in advance of your departure date, roughly four weeks, especially during peak season, and that includes setting up arrangements for airport transfers.

Once you have the preliminary details finalized, it’s essential to go ahead and reach out to the service provider before these are rendered unavailable. The services book rapidly. It’s indicated that the busy seasons run accordingly for airport transfer services:

  1. July into August for the summer holidays
  2. September into November for fall travelers
  3. Over the winter holidays

When booking well ahead of your departure date, it’s wise to call when the time grows closer to confirm the details. Also, if you need to cancel your plans, contact the service provider at your earliest convenience to avoid being stuck with the charges.

Payments when booking in advance are expected at that time via electronic transfer or credit card payment. The company will provide a final confirmation roughly three days before the booked date.

The Fundamentals Of The Airport Transfer Autos

The autos used in the transfers are referenced as “chartered hire cars” and are primarily of a higher quality to ensure optimum comfort and safety for the guests. The drivers are chosen for their driving years of experience along with their language skills and knowledge.

Charges for vehicles are generally based on the distance, and the time the driver spends on duty. Calculations are assessed from when the auto departs the company garage despite not having passengers at this point.

When you enter and exit the vehicle, the driver will first do so to ensure the door is always opened for you. The car will be supplied with water and reading material for added comfortability.

A priority when selecting a vehicle is to ensure you choose one that can accommodate the people accompanying you and any baggage you bring. A small car will be challenged to support two people with excessive luggage. This scenario would be better suited for a minivan.

Conversely, you don’t want a minivan if you’re a solo traveler with a backpack. The smallest car available will be sufficient for travel and save the extra costs associated with the larger vehicle.

Final Thought

Airport transfer services make traveling to the island of St Lucia much more pleasant. That’s especially true if you tend to become stressed by traveling, have a group coming with you, have much luggage to contend with, or are concerned with finding your way in an unfamiliar location. Go here for details on getting around St. Lucia.

Public transport won’t be as convenient, reliable, or accommodating. The priority is to plan well enough ahead to ensure a vehicle will be available and choose a car suitable for your particular needs.

Remember, though, when planning far in advance, if you need to cancel, do so within the specified time period to get your money back, or you might have to endure the expense.

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