Give Your Garden a Spring Clean This Season

The spring equinox signals the first day of spring, which is an excellent time to start your spring cleaning. But a spring clean doesn’t only take place inside the house; it includes the garden area as well. Make sure you treat the grass and make the patio beautiful for summer parties.

Treat the Grass

In most gardens, the grass is the centerpiece of the space, it takes up most of the area, and it’s what people see when they sit on your patio with a glass of wine. The last thing you want is moss in the grass, yellow grass, or grass that is rough around the edges. Grass is easy to keep if you know how, but if you don’t, it can become an issue and might also need to be re-turfed.

If you know how to treat the grass, you can make your lawn beautiful in the spring and enjoy it all summer without much effort. What you need is some quality non-toxic weed killer, a rake to take away the moss that has built up over the winter, and a lawn edger to give you a nice square finish. Alternatively, you could hire a garden professional to manage everything for you.

Treat the Beds

The grass might be the centerpiece, but you also need some lovely flowers to go with it. Flower beds in the garden are a delight for you and your guests; they are also a chance for your to switch on your creativity and think about the colors and types of flowers you want to plant. Don’t forget to fertilize the soil in the spring so that the roots are healthy and grow the best flowers.

If you know anything about flower beds, you will know that your choice of bulbs and seeds in the beds is important for maintaining the quality and success of your summer garden. Choosing flowers for your garden is an art form; you need to think about the colors and bulb types – are they perennials or annuals – you also need to consider their timings, so they grow together.

Trim the Shrubs

Do you have shrubs and trees in your garden? These can make excellent features and take your garden to the next level; the trouble is they are slower growing and easy to forget about. One day, you look out at your garden, and you can’t see over the fence or your colorful flower beds because of the overgrown trees and shrubs. It’s time to trim the shrubs or book a service.

Trimming the shrubs is easy when you know how. Find a pair of sharp shears and picture the way you want them to look in your mind’s eye. Every now and then, stand back from the tree or shrub to make sure you are getting the right shapes. If you want your trees and shrubs professionally cut or any other landscaping service, contact for details.

Manage the Pests

Every season brings pests to the home and garden. In the winter, we can expect small rodents like mice and rats to find their way into the loft and basement, seeking warmth. In the summer, there are likely to be insects like wasps and ants building nests in the garden and finding their way into the trash and the kitchen. The best way to manage all pests is by preventing them.

Spring is an excellent time to start managing the pests in your garden. Start by clearing the spaces so that you know what you are dealing with, and then you can monitor all the likely spaces more effectively throughout the year. Keep your trash area clean and spray the ground with a non-toxic pest repellant. If these measures fail, you might need to call a pest service.

Make a Patio

A patio is a must-have feature in the garden, especially in the summer. If you have a hint of outdoor space, you need to think about converting it into a seating area to enjoy during the warmer months. There is nothing better than sitting outside to enjoy the summer with a cold drink and one of your favorite books. It’s also an excellent way to socialize with your friends.

A patio area can be made with a few stone slabs and some lights – solar lights are an excellent way to create light in the summer evenings without paying for electricity. If you have a larger patio, you might need to invest a little more in the paving and garden furniture; you will also have to use non-toxic weed killer regularly to ensure your patio looks its best for gatherings

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