The Power of Nostalgia: Harnessing Comfort Items, Food, and Memories

Feeling down? Nostalgia might be the answer. A wave of research has shown that nostalgia can boost positive emotions, increase self-esteem, and even lead to better physical health.In this blog post, we’ll explore the power of nostalgia and how you can harness it to improve your mood, wellbeing and productivity. We’ll also take a look at some of the best comfort items, food and memories to help you get started!

Comfort Items

Surrounding yourself with physical objects from the past can evoke positive emotions. Whether it’s your favorite childhood teddy bear, a photograph of an old friend, or even a cherished piece of jewelry, these items represent good times and provide reassurance that contentment is possible again. For example, if you’ve experienced a difficult break-up, looking at an old photo of your former partner can help bring comfort and maybe even make you smile.


The smell and taste of certain foods can instantly transport us back in time to our happiest moments. Familiar dishes that were once enjoyed with family and friends help to bring those memories alive again, allowing us to reconnect with people we love. For example, when you cook this stew recipe any night of the week you can recall the Sunday dinners of your childhood.


Taking the time to reminisce on happy memories also plays an important role in creating feelings of nostalgia. Writing down stories or anecdotes about shared experiences will not only bring back these pleasant memories, but also remind you that you’ve experienced joy in the past and can do it again. For example, if you were once an avid traveler, taking a few moments to read old travel journals can help reignite the wanderlust spirit.


Listening to music from the past can also evoke strong emotions. Whether it’s a tune you heard on the car radio during family road trips, or your high school anthem, tapping into these memories through sound can bring a sense of comfort and well being. For example, if you used to jam out to the latest pop hits with your friends in high school, revisiting those tracks can bring back fond memories of those days.

Other People

Having conversations with people who were part of your nostalgia can bring a sense of connection and remind you that we’re all in this together. Even though the world has changed, these people have been around for the ride. Whether it’s an old friend from college or a distant relative, speaking to them about shared experiences can help you reconnect with those positive times.


Nature is a source of comfort and nostalgia. Whether it’s a childhood treehouse, an old fishing spot, or the park down the road, these places can evoke fond memories and remind us of simpler times.

By harnessing the power of nostalgia, we can create moments that provide comfort and peace. Comfort items, food, music, other people and nature are all key ingredients to helping us reconnect with our cherished pasts and find joy in the present. So take some time to revisit your favorite places or share stories with friends — you won’t regret it!

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