4 Key Things Your Garden Needs When Entertaining Outdoors

Gardens are the ideal place to do some outdoor entertaining late into the evening. Before you host your first garden gathering, you need to create the ideal outdoor living space. Plenty of elements come to mind, but here are four key things every garden entertainment space needs:

Good lighting

It’s going to get dark when you’re entertaining at night, so you need to have a light source to keep the party going. There are loads of beautiful ways you can light your garden when it gets dark. Hidden LED lights work beautifully in flowerbeds while hanging lights can be attached to your house for brighter lighting. Lanterns and outdoor lamps also work well – and I’m a big fan of fairy lights strewn across the entertainment area. Now, you and your guests can see one another all night long.

A heat source

As the sun goes down, the temperature is likely to drop. You don’t want a patio full of shivering guests, so a heat source is needed. Plenty of portable outdoor heaters exist out there, but perhaps you should consider outdoor fire pits instead. They add a splash of style to your outdoor living space while also providing some extra light. Plus, it’s a brilliant centerpiece that doubles up as a conversation starter with guests.

Comfortable seating

Will your guests be comfortable in plastic outdoor chairs the whole evening? Probably not – and they don’t need to be. You will find a wealth of super comfortable outdoor furniture that you can sit on for hours. There are outdoor sofas, chairs, and anything else you can think of. Be sure to double-check that the furniture is suitable for outdoors – don’t bring out your living room furniture as it’s not weatherproof. Some comfy seating will keep all of your guests happy and relaxed.

Some sort of overhead coverage

Finally, it’s worth having some sort of overhead coverage. Depending on where you’re hosting the garden gatherings, you could use an awning or some sort of pergola. Perhaps you may want to simplify things and opt for a large umbrella. The purpose of coverage is to get some extra protection from the elements. You’re unlikely to stay outside in a big rain shower, but it’s useful if there’s a slight drizzle. Also, it traps in more of the heat from your heat source, keeping the area nice and cosy when it gets late.

It goes without saying that your garden gatherings need to be hosted on solid ground. This means either a patio or decking should be present – it’s hardly ideal if everyone is on the lawn. This will ruin your lawn and also cause discomfort for guests as furniture might be wobbly and annoying. So, once you’ve got your patio or decking, you can start adding these necessities to the area. Now, you’re in the ideal position to host the best garden parties anyone has attended. Guests will be comfortable, the atmosphere will be perfect, and there’ll be no excuse not to enjoy yourselves late into the night.

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