KYOCERA Launches INNOVATIONwhite Ceramic Kitchen Knives

Kyocera, a global leader in advanced ceramics, has launched INNOVATIONwhite™, a new line of ceramic kitchen knives designed by Japan’s award-winning Yohei Kuwano. The new line features five vibrant colors and is available exclusively on Indiegogo for a limited time.

Made from a patented blend of zirconia and alumina nanoscale particles fused into an extraordinary ceramic, INNOVATIONwhite knives represent the latest evolution of a material technology Kyocera introduced with its INNOVATIONblack® line, yielding double the long-lasting sharpness of Kyocera’s earlier ceramic blades. The white knives are available with white, black, red, blue, or green handles, shipping in sustainable, plastic-free retail packaging.

The design collaboration with Tokyo-based designer Yohei Kuwano, a first for Kyocera, reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and design excellence. An accomplished product designer, Kuwano has received 16 design awards in the last two decades. Using Kyocera’s most advanced blade technology, Kuwano focused on enhancing the handle design of INNOVATIONwhite to provide far better grip ability for different cutting techniques, from slicing and dicing to julienne and chiffonade. The handle tapers gracefully as it connects with the blade, which allows for smoother grip changes. Additionally, the handle’s rounded underside and slightly thicker ends reduce the risk of dropping the knife when hands are wet. The knives are half the weight of their metal counterparts, making them easy to use and control, especially for extensive meal preparation.

I was sent one to try and it cuts so smoothly and is super lightweight.   I love that it won’t chip like some of my other ceramic knife brands have in the past.  Highly recommend !!!

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