DIY Spooky Snake Halloween Wreath


Here is a simple DIY Halloween wreath using 2 packs of plastic snakes and a willow wreath from Dollar Tree and a can of spray paint.  After painting the wreath and the snakes a dark grey color, I hot glued them onto the wreath.


Total cost of this wreath is around $7…

  • 2 packs snakes from Dollar Tree $2
  • willow wreath from Dollar Tree $1
  • spray paint $4 at Walmart
If I had to do this wreath again, I think I would have gone with a grapevine type wreath instead.

DYI Shadow Box Gifts Using Wine Corks


I absolutely love to do crafts in my spare time and here are a couple of really fun ones to do using your silhouette machine, shadowboxes, scrapbook paper and some corks from Oriental Trading (bag of 50).  These are so easy to make and are great gifts for friends and family.


For the first one, I bought an 8×10 shadowbox and cut out the “The Best Wines are the Ones We Drink with Friends” design using permanent adhesive vinyl (Oracle 651) which I laid down on the top part of the glass. For the inside of the box, I cut scrapbook paper to fit the backing and glued one cork onto the paper so that it hangs at the top. For the rest of the corks I just let them lay loosely in the bottom of the shadow box.


The second one,  I used a shadowbox bank from Dollar Tree and removed the vinyl design with acetone so that I had a blank box (this is a great way to save money when buying shadowboxes).  The only difference is, these are made of plastic frames instead of wood.  I then typed out the saying in my silhouette software,, cut it out of Oracle 651 and placed it on top of the glass.  Lastly, I cut scrapbook paper and added the corks.

Make sure you check out all the awesome other crafty supplies from Oriental Trading.

DIY Candle Box / Luminary Using Picture Frames


Here is a super simple craft that turns out so nice.   The best part about making this candle box / luminary is that it costs so little to make because you can get almost all the supplies from Dollar Tree.


  • 4 Picture Frames (I got mine from Dollar Tree)
  • 2 Placemats found at Dollar Tree
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun




  1. Spray paint the placemats black on both sides.placemats-painted
  2. Once the placemats are painted you will take the glass out of the frames and cut 2 of those rectangle shapes out of each placemat.
  3. Next put the placemat sections in front of the glass and lock into place.frame-side
  4. Using your hot glue gun, build a box using each frame as a side of the box.
  5. I recommend a jar candle inside the box since there is no bottom to this box and you don’t want flames reaching the frames.  Since the glass is on the inside, the flames wont reach the placemat pieces.  However, use at your own risk and don’t ever leave it unattended.


DIY Antiqued Decor Using Dollar Tree Serving Tray


Here is an easy craft using a metal serving tray, craft paint and your Silhouette machine. And the best part is how inexpensive it is when you


  • Metal tray ($1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Cream colored spray paint (around $3-4 at Walmart)
  • Dark Brown and or black craft paint (50 cents at Walmart)
  • Black Adhesive Vinyl
  • Silhouette machine

DT tray supplies

  1. First spray paint the tray and allow it to dry completely.
  2. Next mix some of the dark brown and black paint with water and using a rag (or old Tshirt) rub the paint all over the painted tray giving it the antiqued look.
  3. Using your Silhouette machine, cut your design out of adhesive vinyl and place it on the tray.
  4. That’s it ! You can either hang it on your wall or use a plate stand like I did.

Turn Baby Wash Cloths and Spoons into “Lollipops”


Here is a super cute idea for baby showers… turn baby wash cloths and spoons into lollipops. I got all my supplies from Dollar Tree.



3 packs wash cloths
1 pack baby spoons
1 pack tulle
A couple packs of ribbon
Twist ties


Step 1 – fold wash cloths in half, then in half again and then one more time in half to get thin strips.


Step 2 – Roll 2 strips together to get the striped look and use tape to hold it together.


Step 3 – Attach a baby sooon to the back of the roll using tape to form the stem.


Step 4 – Cut tulle into 10 inch pieces and wrap around the lollipop top. Use twist tie to hold it all together. Trim twist tie so you can’t see the ends.

Step 5 – Add a ribbon onto the front.