How to Spot Early Signs of Addiction

Addiction, like any disease, does more damage the longer it festers. The sooner you identify a problem and begin treating it, the sooner the affected people can get on the road to recovery.

Here are a few of the early tell-tale signs that can help you spot a person battling addiction and get them the help they need.


Look for Shifts in Personality

When someone begins experimenting with addictive drugs regularly, their behavior will likely change. This change happens for a few different reasons.

To start, those dealing with addiction typically try to hide their substance use from the people that care about them. If you notice a family member acting in suspicious or unusual ways, take note of this. Do they disappear for periods and provide no reason? Are they spending substantial amounts of money that they can’t explain to you? Are they unusually hyper, fatigued, or exhibiting erratic mood swings?

Additionally, illicit substances themselves can have significant effects on personality. If someone shows a lack of care for important aspects of their life, like friendships, family obligations, or career, this is a sign that they may be fixating on a substance.

If these symptoms sound familiar, it may be time to look at programs with or other addiction recovery centers. That way, you’ll have the knowledge you need when the time comes to intervene.

Notice Changes in Health

Over 70,000 Americans died from a drug-related overdose in 2019 alone, and evidence suggests that more and more of those deaths are due to synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. As the access to dangerous, highly addictive drugs like fentanyl continues to rise, it is more important now than ever to know the warning signs of addiction.

Some of the major changes you’ll notice are in a person’s health. Key physical characteristics of drug use include sudden changes in weight, bloodshot eyes, and unhealthy-looking hair, teeth, nails, or skin. If someone has unexplained injuries or appears to get sick frequently, this can also point to substance use.

You may also observe trembling, sweating, or vomiting if a person is experiencing withdrawal from a substance. If an addiction has escalated to this point, compassionately support that person in seeking professional help. Never place blame or shame on the person for their addiction in the process.

Know the Risk Factors

Addiction typically does not come out of nowhere. It is often a response to other circumstances in someone’s life. To proactively support a family member or someone in your community who may be at risk of developing an addiction, you need to understand the risk factors.

A family history of drug use or severe trauma experienced in childhood are major risk factors. The use of illicit drugs is not specific to one demographic of the population. Still, there is statistical evidence that some groups use illicit substances more than others, particularly men between the ages of 16-34. The more you know, the better chance you’ll be able to step in and offer support before things get out of hand.


Addiction is a dangerous disease that merits the same support and compassionate approach to healing as any other disease. If you can spot the signs early, you can increase the likelihood of a smooth recovery.

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Everything You Need To Know About Metal Detecting For Amateurs

Everything You Need To Know About Metal Detecting For Amateurs


Metal detecting has become a popular activity in recent years, even though it has a long history of being used for investigative purposes and as a hobby. Here is everything you need to know about metal detecting if you are just starting out.

Know the metal detector properly

Knowing your metal detector properly is so crucial that even professionals in metal detecting need to be aware of it. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you’re extremely experienced, it is you know how to operate the device.  Another very interesting thing is that it can help you narrow down the search for a good metal detector.  The more complex it is, the harder it will be to navigate if you are a beginner. The level of complexity can significantly narrow down the search for the right metal detector for your needs. Some of the stepping stones of knowing your metal detector are to consult the manufacturer’s manual, online tutorials, and other resources that can be found online. Ultimately, using your metal detector will also shed a lot of knowledge about how it works.

What do you need to start?

The first thing you need to get started with metal detecting is obviously a metal detector. You don’t need to spend thousands on one, especially if you are an amateur in metal detecting and haven’t decided if you want to pursue this as a hobby or a career yet. Finding a good metal detector for beginners means doing a lot of research Such as reading online reviews,  asking your friends,  and consulting with the shop specialist for recommendations.  Generally speaking, the more expensive the metal detector is, the more information it can give you.  However, this doesn’t mean that a metal detector for beginners won’t do the job,  and it will certainly save you a lot of money. Ensure that you do a lot of research online before you buy one, and do it on reputable websites where people know what they are talking about.


Where to metal detect

Last but not least, finding the places to metal detect is another very important part of the journey.  If you are just starting out,  it’s recommended that you start with your own yard first or a local park. Most importantly, you should learn how to avoid making a mess before you start exploring.  Once you feel you’re comfortable to move on from your yard and your local park,  family and friends need permission to explore their land. Chances are you know at least someone who lives in older homes that might have some old coins or relics buried around. This can also be a great way to make new friends and to meet other people who have the same hobby as you.

Be sure to consider these tips, since they have almost every piece of information you need to know about metal detecting for amateurs. In addition to this,  be sure to do a lot of additional research on the topic and do it on reputable websites that have all the proper information that you might need.  Ultimately,  it all comes down to hang from and enjoying the unknown.

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Breyers Cookies & Cream Cookie Coverage – 20% More Cookies


Breyers has added 20% more cookies to their Cookies & Cream ice cream. To ensure ice cream lovers aren’t disappointed, the brand is launching “Cookie Coverage”– a first of its kind ice cream insurance policy endorsed by GEICO.

If someone isn’t satisfied with the cookies & cream ratio, they can file a claim and get the next tub of Breyers for free and those who sign up for “Cookie Coverage” will receive an instant offer.


When I heard they added more cookies I just knew I had to try it (in the name of research, ya know?).  And I have to say… it lived up to everything I was hoping it would be. Every bite had cookie pieces in it !!!

GO HERE to sign up for a coupon for 50% off a tub ($2 coupon value), while supplies last.

*NOTE: Must sign up for cookie coverage by 11:59 PM EST on July 21, 2021, or while supplies last. Must file cookie claim by 11:59 PM EST on August 31, 2021, or while supplies last.

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6 Tips for Selling your Home


So many people are wanting to sell and buy Florida homes now. We live in the greatest state there is and I could not be more proud of it. Since the housing market is booming right now, you definitely need some tips on selling your home. If that is coming up in your near future, check out these tips for selling your home below:

Hire a great real estate agent

A great real estate agent can make or break the sale of your home and the amount that you get for your home. You need someone on your side who knows what they are doing. If you’re in Jacksonville, this person should definitely be Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty, Erin E. King MBA. He knows just about everything there is to know about the Jacksonville real estate market and he is really great at what he does. He can also help you purchase a new home too, so if you are interested in the beautiful San Marco homes for sale, he knows the best options out there. Erin King is a Best of Zillow® REALTOR® and is also Ramsey endorsed, which is super cool. “Erin, who previously worked in financial services and holds an MBA with an economics focus, brings a deep understanding of buying and selling historic homes. He enjoys sharing that knowledge with clients, from how to fit a 21st century lifestyle into a historic home and where to seek financing for renovation with a home purchase, to accurately pricing homes in Historic Districts such as Riverside, Avondale, Ortega, Springfield, Murray Hill, and San Marco. Erin, who prides himself on close attention to detail and quick response to clients, has put together a support team of contractors and other professionals who help transactions go smoothly.” 

Have fun selling and then buying your new home. You might want to start thinking about what your new dream home must-haves are!

Declutter like a pro

One of the most cost-effective home selling tips is to make your home completely clutter-free; you just have to learn how to declutter like a pro! You want to maximize the perceived space in the home. The more clutter, the more uncomfortable things will feel. Go through everything and clear out all of the non-essentials. One of the better ways of getting your home ready to list is having a donation pick up. Numerous charities will come to your house and take the stuff away you no longer want for free! Even if you don’t feel like going through all of your stuff and sorting them, you should at least put things away in places where buyers won’t be looking. That means no cramming stuff into closets or the garage. Rent a storage space if you need to. You can search online for storage facilities near you to see where it will be most convenient to store your things. A cluttered home can make your home feel a lot smaller than it is. This is not a good thing when trying to get the most you can out of your sale. Today’s buyers like bright open spaces, without the clutter. Keep in mind there is a significant percentage of the population who do not have the vision of how to decorate their home. Make things easier on the buyer by giving them something they can visualize – a well decorated home, without the clutter, that they can call their own. Take a look at some of the top tips for clearing the clutter when selling your home – you can find them all over Instagram, Pinterest, and Google. One of the things that will help sell a house fast is an uncrowded, clean space. It is all about a buyer seeing themselves in your home.

Spruce up the interior paint, if need be

Dark, dreary colors can shrink the perception of space and in my opinion, they are very out of style right now. Old, stained paint makes rooms look aged. By painting with contemporary colors and ideally with a little insight from a knowledgeable real estate agent (like we talked about above!) or interior designer, you can change the whole feel of your home. There is not another home improvement that will give you more bang for your buck than a fresh coat of paint. From a selling standpoint, it is important to stick with neutral colors like grey, white, or beige. Remember that selling your home is not so much about personal preferences, but instead, it is about appealing to the masses. Stick with off white and light creamy colors for maximum benefit.

Good lighting is essential

A bright, cheery home is definitely more inviting to buyers. Let the sunlight in if you can and add some better lighting if your home is dim. Even buying brighter light bulbs can help. One of the things I think is very handy to increase the lighting is to make sure all curtains are open, and the lights remain on when there is a scheduled showing. Again the presentation of your home is critical. Small things like lighting can make a big difference with no money coming out of your pocket!

Address any odors

The smell of your home is powerful and can easily drive someone away from buying your home. However, you may not even realize the smells are there. Ask an outsider you trust, like your realtor, to let you know if there are any unpleasant odors – like pet or cooking odors – and address them before you show the home. Believe it or not, pet odors, mold odors, or even trash (or cooking) odors can kill a home sale. This happens because some buyers fear they won’t get rid of the odor once they purchase the house. Don’t take any kind of chance with home odors: just  remove them!

Get a professional cleaning

A clean home is inviting to buyers, whereas a dirty home can turn them away faster than just about anything. The easiest way to know your home is spotless and looking its best is to hire a professional cleaning company. Make sure your kitchen and bathrooms are spotless – this, I think, is the most important part. Buyers will pay closer attention to these areas. Also, make sure your carpets are as clean as possible. If need be, consider having your carpets professionally cleaned. This is one of those things where spending a few hundred dollars can save you thousands by preventing the buyer from thinking they need to replace the carpets immediately.


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Giveneu Raclette BBQ Grill with Fondue


Giveneu™ Raclette BBQ Grill with Fondue is a new combination product ideal for a party of 8 people. With it, you can make cheeses, chocolates and bouillons in the fondue pot and grill meat, seafood, vegetables and more at the same time. The 1500W high power allows you heat the grill within 10 minutes and the dual adjustable thermostats allows you easily control the fondue pot and grill plate separately.

Food is heated evenly on the non-stick cooktop (uniform up to 90%) retaining the nutritional value of the food.  Plus there is a groove around the edge to trap excess fat and oil.  NOTE: when grilling larger amounts of food, the accumulated fat residues should be carefully removed from time to time, using paper towels or something similar.  One thing I loved was that the non-stick accessories are detachable and dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning.

To try it out, we decided to make both a cheese and a chocolate fondue and they were a huge hit with the whole family. I used some copy cat Melting Pot recipes I found online and they turned out great !  My favorites were the carrots and rye bread in the cheese and the bananas and strawberries in the chocolate.


The kids are already asking when we can do it again but next time I plan to use the grill top to make some fish and use the fondue pot with bouillon to cook veggies.

You can buy it now at

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