Latest Update on Kaley – MRI Last Night


Sorry I didn’t update yesterday, there really wasn’t much to say because we sat around waiting all day long for them to take her back to do a MRI and they didn’t come until 8:30 pm.  Then once we got up there her IV was clogged so they had to put in a new line but her veins are super hard to find so they had to call an IV team to do a sonogram to find a vein to use.  That was pretty cool to watch actually.  The guy was cracking Kaley up the whole time.


So basically the results of the MRI show that even though they left a drain in after doing the procedure to drain her abscess and have her on 2 antibiotics, the remaining part of the abscess is not getting any smaller so they are going to have to figure out the next step.  They mentioned surgery but I want to discuss other options before they cut her open once again.  They did switch her antibiotics yesterday to something that might be slightly better (the results of her culture came back so they now can narrow down the bacteria that is causing the abscess to form).  Sadly, I don’t think we will be getting out tomorrow as we had hoped  🙁


The best part of the day yesterday was when child life came by and gave her a teddy bear, it really cheered her up !

Update on My Kaleybear

(I would add a pic but she keeps yelling at me to stop taking pictures of her LOL)

Yesterday they put Kaley under “twilight anesthesia” and drained a bunch of puss from an abscess and are running a culture on it.  She isn’t having pain from her abdomen anymore but where the drain is coming out of her really hurts so she has been taking pain meds all night.  They hope to take the drain out tomorrow and that we will be able to leave within 72 hours.  She REALLY wants to be home for New Years Eve !

Also we are hoping that she will be able to start eating food today, she hasn’t eaten in 2 days and now we are just waiting for the GI doctor to arrive and give the go ahead.

Back in the Hospital


Posting may be a little sparce over the next few days. Last night Kaley got admitted back into the hospital after some scans showed a bunch of fluid build up inside her. She has been having a lot of pain for the past couple weeks and then started a fever so we went to the ER to have her checked out. They are giving her IV antibiotics and are going to see if they can put in a drain for all the fluid. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers !

We Are Home – Kaley is Out of Pain – No Answers


I just realized I didn’t update everyone today and I know I have a few that wanted to know how things were going.  We got discharged around 4 pm today (just in time for rush hour traffic) but we still don’t really have an answers. Her pain just stopped but the blood work and CT scan don’t show any reason why she keeps having pain.  They are going to set up a contrast study to see if they can see any “kinks” in her intestines caused by scar tissue that may be forming from all her surgeries.  For now they just want us to manage the pain when it happens.  As a mom, I just want to know WHY it happens !!!

A big thank you for all the well wishes and prayers that were said !!!

Kaley is Back in the ER


Send some prayers and good vibes this way please !!! Hoping they don’t need to admit her but she is in a lot of pain (or was before they loaded her up on pain meds). We are waiting for them to come get her for a CT scan to see what is going on.

In the meantime, we get to watch Disney’s Brave !!!

UPDATE: Kaley was admitted for observation.  They can’t figure out why she is having pain.  All her tests have come back normal which is good but I want to know where the pain is coming from !!!  The GI doctor will be here in the morning so we should know more then !